A Vegan Christmas


We are officially on the countdown to Christmas and although it is an exciting time for many, it isn’t a happy fate for certain beings.  Millions of animals are bred into this world to then be killed every year for the festive holidays for a moment of taste.  A Christmas ‘tradition’ seems to be a Christmas tree, cookies for Santa and turkey at the centre of the dining table with a side of pork.  


People believe that farm animals are on this planet for us to exploit and eat as we please and believe that they lack intelligence, feelings and pain. However, animals such as turkeys have a natural lifespan of 10 to 15 years, yet they are killed at 4 months old. They are intelligent, social animals who like to play and recognise each other by their individual voices and features.  Approximately 15 million turkeys are killed in the UK every year and 10 million are killed just before Christmas.  Although it is very upsetting, we must stay hopeful and do what we can to inform our family and friends about how amazing these beings are and for them to reconsider their choice of Christmas dinner.  While millions are killed for Christmas, activists around the world have saved turkeys from their not so festive fate and now live their lives in peace and harmony.


8% of the UK population are now vegan meaning 8% will be tucking into animal-friendly goodness this holiday. There are many delicious vegan recipes, from turkey alternatives to ‘no pigs in blankets’ to vegan Yorkshire puddings. So why not give them a try this Christmas?


Gaz Oakley’s Vegan Christmas cookbook has game-changing recipes for the perfect festive dinner. Not only does the book include a recipe for a ‘turkey’, ‘bacon’ wrapped roast, but he also shows how to make your very own vegan bacon as well as sausages to make the very loved (no) pigs in blankets.


If cooking from scratch isn’t for you, Tofurky does a plant-based roast with stuffing as well as ham alternative roast. VBites also offer a meat-free turkey roast as well as vegan pigs in blankets. You can find both Tofurky and VBites in Holland and Barrett and organic/vegan food stores. If you’re not looking for a ‘meaty’ substitute, enjoy a nut roast and tuck into all the potatoes and veggies you desire.


Please consider the lives of the beautiful and intelligent creatures and try vegan this Christmas. Indulge in a vegan roast with all the veggie trimmings and have a merry and animal loving Christmas.


What is your favourite plant-based Christmas indulgence? Do let us know.



It’s no secret than veganism has been and still is on the rise. With more access to vegan food, fashion, cosmetics, housewares, and more, it’s easier to be vegan now than ever before.

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