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Many beauty brands STILL, in 2018, test on animals and many products are not suitable for vegans. So what makes a brand cruelty-free and a product vegan?

Vegan cosmetics and other beauty products do not contain any animal products, by-products or derivatives. They also do not contain ingredients that have been tested on animals. 


Animal testing

Many brands claim they do not test their products on animals but only do when required by law i.e. China. Therefore, the company is not animal-friendly. However, this sometimes causes confusion, as people assume that if they do not test in their own country, its cruelty-free.   The future is hopeful though as China is slowly moving in the compassionate direction.  With the help of non-profit organisations and cosmetic companies, they are looking at alternatives to animal testing by training their scientists to use other methods. 

One simple and quick way to find out if a beauty company is free from animal testing is to research whether they sell their products in China. There are also many sites available with a list of brands that are free from animal testing such as Cruelty-Free International.


BB’s top vegan makeup brands

ELF is an extremely affordable VEGAN brand that does not lack in range and quality. However, there has been confusion about ELF and their cruelty-free status, as most of their products are in fact made in China but are not sold there. The law on animal testing in China only applies if you sell the products there, which ELF do not. So, don’t worry, ELF is 100% cruelty-free certified and vegan. 


Kat Von D the brand with ‘makeup made with love, not animals’. The award-winning brand has been praised for being 100% vegan that specialises in high pigment, long-lasting products. If you’re looking for the perfect eyeliner, look to the Tattoo Liner. Another bestseller is the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick and even better, 5% of the profits go to a non-profit organisation Project Chimps.



Avoiding chemicals such as parabens, sulphites, SLS, SLES, formaldehyde, mineral oil and talc in their products, MILK use alternatives such as watermelon extract and mango butter. The 100% vegan brand offers a huge range of makeup and skin care along with accessories such as makeup bags and mirrors. Not only do we love the products but we also love the cool and edgy branding.



Free from harsh chemicals and genetically modified ingredients, Inika is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin or severe allergies. Not only is the brand 100% vegan, but it is also organic too. Could we ask for much more? We personally love their starter kit box sets and think they’re a great gift idea to get your friends and family into cruelty-free makeup.  


What you can do to abolish animal testing and encourage vegan and cruelty-free make up?

  1. Shop cruelty-free by choosing products from companies who refuse to conduct or pay others to conduct tests on animals anywhere in the world.
  2. Sign all petitions and support all campaigns that are trying to end animal testing GLOBALLY, as it is still legal to test on animals for cosmetics in countries such as America, Canada, 
  3. Simply tell your friends and family about the amount of vegan and cruelty-free beauty products that are AFFORDABLE and available on the high-street. If anything, they will thank you.



There are many other cosmetic brands that do have a vegan selection within their which is great to see.   We would love them all to be 100% vegan, but we do celebrate the rise in vegan-friendly makeup and only hope that soon all make-up will be cruelty-free and vegan. 


Animals are NOT commodities. Animals ARE innocent individuals who deserve the right to a peaceful and happy life and not to be exploited and used for scientific experiments of any kind. 


Let’s embrace cruelty-free beauty.


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