Our Story

Good for the soul

B_Boheme are beautiful, ethical, designer shoes by Alicia Lai. 
Alicia is a committed vegan, loves fashion but was concerned that vegan shoes were not environmentally friendly.  So she spent years researching materials and processes to bring you B_Boheme.

B_Boheme unites Alicia’s passion for veganism and the environment with her experience as a qualified Podiatrist and her love of fashion. She practiced Podiatry for 15 years before founding B_Boheme, and her knowledge and expertise ensures each shoe is designed for comfort as well as style and sustainability. 
A pair of BBs is 100% vegan and is made to order, to avoid the waste of the fast-fashion industry.  Our shoes are hand crafted from materials that are hard wearing and feel as beautiful as they look. 
Good ethics will remain central to our business, so when you wear our shoes, you feel beautiful inside and out. 

Why pre-order?

The fashion industry is considered (by the UN Conference on Trade and Development) to be one of the most polluting industries in the world.  It is responsible for 8–10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

One of the primary causes of the environmental damage is waste.  64% of fashion products will end up in landfill within a year of being produced.  Fashion buyers often get it wrong and fail to anticipate what consumers want; the result is that fashion, that has been produced at great cost to the environment, is thrown away before it is even worn. 

B_Boheme wants to change that.  Our pre-order model is much better for the planet.  We only make shoes that we know our customers want.  It cuts overstock, cost and waste. 

Every time we launch a new collection, it will be available for pre-order.  We will keep pre-orders open for a length of time before ‘closing’ orders, and we will then calculate exactly how many units of each new style we need to make. Then, it’s over to our factories!

This will mean that you might have to wait a few weeks for your shoes.  We call it ‘slow fashion’.