Category: Men’s sustainable fashion

Our Spring/Summer 2018 collection is arriving next month, and we can’t wait to share it with you all! In the meantime, we thought we’d give you a little sneak peek of what to expect, and our inspiration behind this season. For this collection, we’ve taken another modern step towards redefining the perception of leather-free footwear. We […]

It’s no secret than veganism has been and still is on the rise. With more access to vegan food, fashion, cosmetics, housewares, and more, it’s easier to be vegan now than ever before. According to many, veganism is the “mega-trend” of 2018. This increase in vegan accessibility seems to be motivating people around the world […]

This year, we’re all about starting and maintaining healthy habits to stay in shape and feel good! From eating clean to being active, it’s not always easy to implement new lifestyle changes (especially during the gloomy winter weather). That’s why we’re always seeking motivation to stay active and reach our goals this year! For the […]

The new year is always hectic – catching up with post-holiday work, keeping warm in the chilly winter air, and striving to reach new goals. Sometimes it can feel nearly impossible to keep up with everything and still manage to feel put-together. At BB, we believe that looking fabulous on the outside can make you […]

New year, new wardrobe? Make 2018 the start of more ethical and conscious style choices! By investing in sustainable fashion pieces to stay by your side, you can create your very own signature style with minimal impact on the planet. Because of our animal- and nature-friendly materials and ethical production methods, BB shoes are the […]