Bourgeois Boheme meets the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Daniel


Bourgeois Boheme founder Alicia Lai was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Daniel and Princess Victoria during their recent Royal Visit in Sweden. The royals opened the Creative Industries exhibition at the historic luxury department store Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) in Stockholm, which featured selected UK brands from the design, fashion and creative industries including Bourgeois Boheme.

The event was an opportunity to demonstrate the use of innovation, technology and sustainability in business businesses, and Bourgeois Boheme marked the occasion by showcasing their upcoming SS18 collection, which launches in April and features innovative materials such as Pinatex, EcoStone, cork, Bio-Polyoils and recycled rubber.

Alicia was delighted to introduce the Bourgeois Boheme brand to the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Daniel at the event.

She said:“We’re here to show people there is an alternative to what’s out there in the mainstream, to leather, because leather is not sustainable. For us quality is key.

She said of Duchess Kate and Prince Daniel:They hadn’t heard of vegan shoes before and it was great to introduce them to the concept and look at the ethos behind our work. They were really interested in our product. [Kate] asked about the materials we are using, how large our range is and our bestsellers. We’re a small company, so being given the opportunity to showcase our range and receive the recognition for what we’re doing is great.


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