Eco Friendly Shoes ​​​​​​​

Here at Bourgeois Boheme sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds and we are constantly striving to better ourselves for our customers and for our planet. We work tirelessly to make our shoes even kinder to the environment and to make our supply chain more transparent. 




Miles is our simplified men's vegan Oxford with emphasis on craftsmanship overcomplicated design. Set on our brand-exclusive triple sole with a more defined and durable welt. Available in Black and Mocca. Lined with Bio-Polyoils.





Hazel is our longed-for women's edit of the classic men's monk. An androgynous style essential with sleek upper spared from added detailing. A sophisticated appearance and is a perfect choice for the woman who wants to make a discreet but confident impression. Available in Teal and Grey.Lined with Bio-Polyoils.

​​​​​​​        ​​​​​​



A longed-for vegan take on the classic Stan Smith sneakers with a sleek upper and luxurious finish for the smart athleisure look. A recycled sole, cork upper and linings made from plant-based polymers marks the birth of a new conscious classic! Available in Black cork, White cork, Teal and Plum.​​​​​​​