Ethical Production

We take pride in our holistic approach to sustainability in the production. From first sketch to final polish, we ensure that style, quality and ethics are never compromised with. Here is an exclusive insight to how your BB shoes take shape!


Our British heritage and urban London surroundings shape everything we do and it is from here we gather the main inspirations for our collections.


After we have come up with a concept for the collection, all designs are sketched up from scratch by our designer Jurgita. Alicia and Jurgita go through hundreds of different types of materials and components in order to find the best ones that will fit each design both in terms of function and style. All our styles are exclusive, which means that you will not be able to find them anywhere else. The BB signature can be spotted in our shoes’ trademark asymmetry and subtle lotus flower detailing, and felt in the comfortable form and fit.


After the original sketches have been approved by us they are sent off to our three Portuguese factories to be produced into real-life prototypes. These initial samples are reviewed during our factory visit where we test them out for size, fit and feel to see if what we envisioned was created as we wanted it to. At this time, some samples may be removed from the collection and it often takes us several iterations to tweak and perfect the samples, and only then do we give the go-ahead for production.


Visiting our factories personally is important to us and Alicia has handpicked the three ethical factories we work with herself. We meet the teams of artisan craftsmen and women who are responsible for making our shoes to ensure high standard production and working conditions.


Our skilled Portuguese artisans craft each pair by hand using traditional techniques. First, the upper sections of the shoe are cut and stitched together and any linings and other design details added. The upper is then moulded into the shape of the shoe using a specially made last, creating a distinctive shoe shape for the first time. Next, the insole goes on and the upper is stitched and/or glued to the sole using non animal-based glue. The finished shoe is polished, checked and placed in our beautiful branded box, ready for the journey to London and beyond.


We are proud of the quality of our handmade shoes and guarantee the materials and workmanship for 12 months. In the unlikely event of an issue, our promise is to repair, replace (subject to availability) or refund your shoes.