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What is Fashion Revolution? 

On the 24th of April 2013, in Bangladesh, the Rana Plaza that incorporated five garment factories collapsed and affected the lives of nearly 4,000 people. This incident initiated the birth of Fashion Revolution. We strongly believe that losing so many innocent lives this way is not right and it is time for us to stand tall and stand together to bring change and ensure our people, our planet and our animals are protected from incidents like this. 


What needs to change

There are three essential steps that need to be taken in order to achieve this change.

1. Model - The Business of Fashion 

It is imperative to change the exisiting business model of fashion and ensure fashion accessories are made with ethics at the heart of production. Here at Bourgeois Boheme, we believe it is our duty to ensure production of our shoes is carried out with utmost care along with ensuring that our production staff are treated with care and respect, paid fairly and most importantly, thier safety is monitored.  Transparency is key to us.

2. Material - People, Planet and Animals

The fashion industry needs to improve it's environmental impact on our planet. We aim to produce our shoes with the most sustainable fabrics such as Pintaex from pineapple leaf fibres, EcoStone - natural slate, cork, Bio-Polyoils and recycled materials.  No animals are harmed in the making of our shoes, only loved. To ensure our people, our planet and especially the animals are taken care of, we must make a stand for transparency and encourage the use of natural resources to create products our customers will still love because fashion accessories can be made beautiful without compromising on someone's life.

3. Mindset - Shifting the way we think about fashion

How do you decide on buying your shoes? Have you thought of the process your shoes go through before they are placed on the shelves of stores? We must think of each step that is taken before any fashion accessory reaches the market place ready to sell. From sourcing raw materials to production of shoes and distribution of goods to the consumer, our ethos continues to stay at the heart of each level of production.

Here at Bourgeois Boheme, we strongly believe that having a concrete business plan with ethics at the heart allows our business to reach out to our customers in the most sustainable and ethical way possible. Ensuring the protection of staff, animals and our planet is our responsibility and we wan to continue to serve our customers shoes they love by producing
them with love and care.

We invite you to join us and revolutionise the Fashion industry with greener and more ethical fashion. We want to create fashion we will love but not at the cost of our people and our planet!

Our New SS18 Collection is Here!

Our new SS18 collection emphasises our stance for transparency and sustainability and we can proudly say “we know who made our shoes”! 

We want you to join us to bring this change and ignite a revolution that will bring light on the paramount importance of going green, being ethical and sustainable for our people and our planet. We join Fashion Revolution on this extraordinary journey and want you to as well and help us bring that change fast. As Emma Watson rightly stated, fashion accessories can be beautiful and great quality without having to 'hurt anything or anyone'.

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